Come spend your next vacation in Wine Country with us!

We now own a new property on a hilltop near Grandview. It has all the valley has to offer on 65 acres of land. This includes wine grapes, cherry trees, and hops for starters, as well as a great view of the entire valley and an excellent view of Mount Adams and Mount Rainier compare prices kitchenaid mixer. This house will accommodate 8 people comfortably, bring your family or a group of your friends! There is plenty of room for everyone… sip a glass of wine on the deck or if you need to take a break from everything, take a walk through the farm and see for yourself the wonders of country living. Cowan Vineyards is a family owned and operated business.

Growing our own grapes gives us a definite advantage. We decide the best varieties for our soil, the direction the rows are planted for the best sunlight, and we control the amount of water so the grapes do not get over saturated.We control every aspect of the grape all the way to crush. After the grapes are crushed, we decide which juice goes into what barrels and then age instant pot ip duo60 review them at least twelve to sixteen months. We decide when to bottle and have our own storage so the barrels stay at the right temerature and humidity.When your goal is to make the best wine, you have to control the quality from the ground up!The Yakima Valley is unique in its composition of deposits from volcanic ash and the alluvial floods. Ash was deposited by Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams. The Missoula floods brought a mixture of sand and sediments of generally alkaline content. When grapes are planted and nurtured in this mixture, they bring the calcium carbonate and alkalinity of this soil into the grapes.

This is what differentiates Cowan Vineyards grapes, it is why these grapes are soft and smooth to the palette. It gives the wine a rich aftertaste and makes your taste buds nutribullet review 2017 tingle with excitement. The soil also has natural acidity to carry the bottled wines for several years.When you purchase Cowan Vineyards wine it is… Hand Crafted from the Ground Up!